Need Your Well Tested?

J.R. Henderson Labs will perform your private well analysis in a timely and professional manner. Analysis will be performed and results returned within 7-10 days of collection.


  • Microbiological Services

    Microbiological Services

    Henderson Labs conducts a wide range of microbiological tests for bacteria in water. Our microbiologist have over 20 years of experience in the field and methods of testing.

  • Organic/Inorganic Analysis

    Organic/Inorganic Analysis

    Organic and Inorganic Testing is performed in-house by our experienced laboratory technicians and chemists, utilizing the latest techniques and technology (GC/MS, AA and IC..etc) to ensure accurate and timely results.

  • Drinking Water/Ground Water Analysis

    Drinking Water/Ground Water Analysis

    With years of experience in ground and drinking water analysis, Henderson labs is a full service independent for water purveyors, private home owners, municipalities, waster water treatment plants, and landfills.

  • Field Services

    Field Services and On-Line Monitoring Instruments Operations and Maintenance

    Located in Beachwood New Jersey, Henderson Labs is in the heart of Ocean and Monmouth counties. Our central location allows for same day pick-up/drop-off services. Our experienced and professional field technicians operate a fleet of vehicles and guarantee timely collection and delivery of samples. Also, our field technicians perform all outside field tests required by the NJDEP.

    JR Henderson Labs offers operation, calibration and maintenance of on-line monitoring instruments for wastewater, drinking water and environmental remediation sites..