In March 2001, the New Jersey Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) was signed into law. The PWTA requires sellers (or buyers) of property with wells in New Jersey to test the quality of the water prior the exchange of the property. PWTA also requires landlords to test the well water every five years and provide test results to the tenants of of the property.

In 2002, the State of New Jersey mandated that if a property with a private well is sold or leased, the well must be tested. The closing on the sale of a property cannot take effect until the test is complete and all parties are made aware of the results. The PWTA Act requires that the collection and testing of a home well is conducted by a state certified water testing laboratory.

Whether a home is new, resold, or leased, the PWTA test must be done and results must be reported.

PWTA testing is handled by our courteous and professional staff and results are provided to all parties within 7-10 working days. Expedited service is available upon request.

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